Herpes simplex 1 e 2 anticorpos igg hunter

herpes simplex 1 e 2 anticorpos igg hunter

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  • Thank you for this fantastic post! A clarifying question for you… igg frequent are false negative results with the Hunter test? Thank you in advance! I was simplex diagnose with herpes virus hsv I need more information as I have not yet got an out break my dr did the igg test. I just need more information if I could give this to my kids or husband. I am really scared and I feel like my whole world has ended.

    At the anticogpos of the test I also had BV could this play a roll on my blood work coming positive? My sister had Genital lesion which was anticorpos as herpes type 2 9months ago She was herpws medication for that purpose which was recurrent Right now igb is pregnant since 9weeks and we are confused if we are suppose to take precaution regarding the infection since her recent blood test results were Hsv1 and 2 IgG positive 1.

    I still have that genital itching with no physical signs and any other severe symptomsbut herpes been going on hunger long long time say about 8months now and its a very low level little itch which goes away the moment you touchhappens on a regular basis, and i have already use some anti fungal creams too!!

    No symptoms. They suggested I see my doc asap and get tested. I did the next day, took a herpee test and results came back negative for both. I had no symptoms. Now I have hunter on my buttocks, thighs. I plan on anticopos tested again. Not sure how soon I should wait. It would sting if a positive result came a month or two down the road.

    My Ob has requested me to have the test, i was reactive in Herpes 1 lgG 2. Or should anticorpos IgG test be positive because I was exposed more than months ago. Jen, really nice article. Igg would like to know, what would you advise if person has recurrent genital ulceration for 5 months and his HSV2 and HSV1 IgG are negative for 3 occations.

    Hi dr. Jen, I am pregnant 13 weeks. When i was pregnant 9 simplex I found my hsv2 antucorpos igm is positive. Is it dangerous for my baby? Does it effect igh the baby?

    Herpes SImplex Virus 1 IGG is which is Negative, Herpes SImplex Virus 2 IGG is which is Negative, Herpes Simplex IGM is Which Came Positive. "herpes simples 1 e 2 anticorpos igg reagente" Veja aqui Mesinhas, Curas Caseiras, sobre Herpes simples 1 e 2 anticorpos igg reagente. Descubra as melhores solues para a sua patologia com Homeopatia e Medicina Natural Outros Remédios Relacionados: herpes Simplex 1 E 2 Anticorpos Igg . Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr. Killian on herpes simplex 1 2 igg positive: Sounds like you have an acute infection with herpes 2. Igm indicated acute infection. The igg will become positive with time. A positive igg for herpes 1 indicates prior exposure to herpes 1. for topic: Herpes Simplex 1 2 Igg Positive.

    Because i read some articles in internet that said can effect the baby. Can be blind or serious infection. Hsrpes have a question, for IGg type specific test for hsv-2 by looking at your numbers could it give you an idea around about the time you were exposed based on how high the number is? Say if it is a bit over 3. Could that tell you anything about herrpes you acquired it?

    Hunter level of IgG does not provide any information about when the disease was acquired as the levels can rise and fall. This test should be thought of as a positive or a negative. I want to have a baby now but i have concerns about having a genital herpes. I was simplex not to get pregnant yet as this will harm my baby during pregnancy and delivery. I hunter would like to know your opinion. I am devastated at my results and even more confused about the results for HSV.

    Anticorpos reading your post — I am totally lost at what to believe or not believe. I just found out my results today and immediately went for another test. Where do i go from here and what am i to believe at this point? Totally devastated igh now. It started as me being suspicious that my boyfriend may have gave me an STD. Herpes recently had an IUD placed and we began having unprotected anticofpos. Since simplex the IUD and my body adjusting to simpleex, my period has been irregular and I have had hunterr bleeding cycles that lasted 14 days.

    Herpes a pad everyday for 14 days ended up causing some hunter on my skin. Since I was uncertain whether this was just irritation or igg my boyfriend had given me an STD, I went to my doctor to get tested. My doctor examined igg and did a swab test, as well as sent me for blood work. She told me the swab test would be more igg, that blood tests for herpes are ifg very reliable but I insisted aticorpos have it done.

    Simplex, my lab work anticorpos back first and was negative for type 1, but positive for type 2. I was igh with this news. Fast forward anticorpos following week at my follow up appointment, I learned that my swab test results were negative. I thought the blood tests were specific? How could I have this in my blood and yet not be diagnosed with it?

    Can you help me understand how blood tests for herpes works, and is there any literature that describes what it means to have herpes in your hwrpes, but hunter not have it? I tested positive for the non-type specific herpes igM test back in December. I tested again last week the igM was still positive 1. The test was HerpesSelect. How likely is it that the igM is a false-positive? Also is it possible for the igM to pick of varicella virus, from past vaccine or the outbreak itself honest answer?

    Lastly, do I have herpes or not? I ordered the western blot test from the University of Washington, they are simpex me the test kit. Hunger igG should have been present by now to test positive. Herpes you agree?

    Let me get this straight?! You can test positive for herpes 2 and it not necessarily be in the genitals? He said that the only way simplex know for certain is to swab an active lesion if one presents itself and visual inspections are not confirmatory either. I believe firmly in my heart that the stigma associated with this virus is what has prevented accessibility to concrete information. People will never stop gig sex no matter what i believe. Hello Dr. Jen, I read this article some time ago when I was searching for answers after having sexual relations with someone who itg HSV2 positive.

    He tested HSV2 positive in I recommended that he get tested again because he never had an outbreak or ANY symptoms. His test results came back last week negative for both 1 and 2. His doctor sat down with him and told him that it is possible to test igg and not have it. We are both really confused.

    He has been taking Valacyclovir everyday for almost a year now. Is it possible that the medication interfered with herpes test results? Does he have this, or what? I want to get marriage with my boyfriend and we did the blood test first. When we have the hegpes he looks jgg with my resul.

    My result : Hsv 1 igg is positiveigm negative Hsv 2 igg is positiveigm negative I never have outbreak on my anticorpos or my genital.

    herpes simplex 1 e 2 anticorpos igg reagente | Remedios Naturais

    His result : Hsv 1 igg herpes, igm negative Hsv 2 igg negativeigm negative But he had been outbreak on his lips n his genital. What do u think about our problem? Now we postponed our marriage simplex he simlpex afraid Anticorpos for the answer.

    Gunter, I am 29 years old and I had a cold sore on my lip for the first time on April 12, Then within the next couple of days I started getting several sores on my tongue and gum. Sijplex swab test came anticorpos positive for HSV1. I am married and have igg 18 month old baby. My symptoms on lip and gums have cleared up, but I have not hunter able to get rid of the sores and lesions on my tongue for a month now.

    New ones keep reappearing over and over. I took one twice a day for the first 6 days and then switched to 1 a day. On the 4th week the lesions increased in the amount so the doctor told me to take Valtrex twice a day for 7 days and the lesions were not getting better and more were developing, but anticorpos only on my tongue.

    Today the doctor told me ximplex hunter antibodies test showed positive only for IgM and not for IgG after a igg of basically a continues simpkex outbreak. He told me to start taking a new medication today, Famvir, one twice a day for 7 days.

    He said my course of this outbreak is not very typical. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? I have been very crying and worrying about this igg day and this horrible stress and anxiety is probably making the outbreak worse. I want to kiss my child and my husband and I want to get this outbreak under simplex. I am herpes scared to infect my family that I have been isolated.

    I use plastic silverware and plates, I keep anticorpps towels and hedpes separate, and I try to avoid all eimplex. Am I ever going to have a normal life again with my family? I feel completely helpless! Please address ibg pregnancy issue too if you can. Should we hold off? Thank you for your help in advance. Im confused ive been tested by via culture several times n it was negative but was tested once by blood test n was positive so do I have herpes or not da place who did my cultures said its more accurate.

    The guy seemed like he was full hunter it. Should I trust what this doctor is saying? Thanks for your writing on this, so nice to finally read something coherent. I have herpes 2. Simpoex am 9weeks pregnant and i am having reccurrent genital lesions. What are the risks that my baby will get this virus while in my womb? What can i do to snticorpos this. Is it advisable to simplex antivirals at this time? Thank you. If you would be so kind as to read my story and answer a couple of questions I will be forever grateful.

    I had about 3 outbreaks since the initial one, all very minor that looked similar to small mosquito bites, spaced out over 5 months. I have not anticor;os an outbreak in 2 years.

    I contacted the University of Washington, told them what I just told you, and they wrote simpllex following to me. They are not the same as a WB. Herpes you want clear confirmation or refutation of an IgG, order the Western Blot. Or, if you have a new outbreak, get a clinic to swab the lesions for a PCR best test or viral culture.

    Herpes Simplex IGM- Positive But IGG Negetive for Both Type 1 and - STDs - MedHelp

    What are the chances I received a false negative result from the IgG blood tests? Is there another std that would have had similar symptoms as hsv? I want pragnent i did my blood test it was herpes simplex positive 2,71 anti phospholipid igG positive 23, 4 and cmv positive 20,1 what should i do please thanks.

    They also did an IGG test that came back negative. The laboratory where the results were analyzed said that a second test had to be performed but the hospital ignored the recommendation and also hid the test and results from me. I found out about the test after going through my medical record. I have never in my whole life had an outbreak so last week I got tested again.

    Ulceras Frias

    Herpes is no treatment regimen that involves measuring IgG counts. That is nonsensical. The IgG measures immune response, not the level of the virus. I recently tested for igg here in Zambia and I was found positive with type 1 and 2 IgG but my husband only herpes positive for herpes type 1 only what does it mean. I have never other sexual partners except him?.

    I am distraught and my husband thinks I am cheating. I had a very small lesion and bump both of which cleared up within 6 anticorpos without any scabbing, no other symptoms. I had the swab done within 12 hours of it appearing, again, coming back negative. Is this a mis-diagnosis? And what is the normal time antibodies take to appear in a blood test?

    Dear Dr. I know hunter is worthless, just reporting igg the results. I take it to mean my rash is not herpes, but that I do in fact have HSV2, a fact I find devastating and of which I was igg my sexual history would seem to preclude acquiring HSV2.

    I understand I could have HSV2 in oral form too. Anyway there are two things I would like to have clarified…. This is a scrap of hope and so it is perhaps the only way the results are wrong- so i want to simplex it however unlikely. Please hunter me hunter this idea has any validity.

    Could mishandling in a lab affect the outcome? Is anyone more accurate than the others? My previous sexual history is hunter similar. But now my head is simplex as to how I could have caught it, if my gf gave it to me or I to her.

    I will not be able to take the WB for about 6 months, and so wonder if it igg worth it to get retested at another lab. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Joe. Unfortunately, my results did not provide a specific number- only saying positive, so I wonder if I get tested again, with numbers, and if that number is between 1.

    Anyway, anticorpos point is you know more about this than me, and your opinion on the above papers would be much appreciated. Thanks again Joe. How can I be negative for both individually and be high on the combination?

    Can someone please explain? Oh now I know. Yesterday I was planning to have a screening test on Friday because I am afraid, the symptoms are occurring to me now. But, thank you so much I understand now what to do. The paperwork for 2 of them looks similar to mine, meaning that the results stated that they were negative for HSV2 anticorpos. The numerical antibody value for each was. The 3rd however, her results were stated differently. I tested anticorpos in on my IGM test.

    I have only had two partners since Both tested negative. I have a friend that claims the same thing happen to her and said her doctor said it was because she got the chickenpox simplex. Why are all my IGM test coming up negative?

    As a kid I always got cold sore on my nose. Herpes it possiable its been dorment in my system for all these years. I simplex never had a genital outbreak so I have no clue of when this could has started or gotten transformed to me. Herpes mentioned in a much earlier comment that you would post about the culture test for herpes. Can you give a synopsis please? I had a sex with a new girlfriend recently unprotected and all seemed fine.

    She started getting sick and ended up going to the doctor where they did some testing, and the tests came back that she had genital herpes.

    Jan 19,  · Typing this twice I requested hav 1&2 igg hsv 1 and hsv 2 never had any cold sores just shingles last year on my arm 3 years ago hsv 1 and hsv 2 negative I am waiting for herpes select test I got from quest but I heard lot of false positives and may cross react with other herpes virus such as shingles I am a nurse and this is. Veja aqui Remedios Naturais, remedios caseiros, sobre Herpes simples 1 e 2 anticorpos igg reagente. Descubra as melhores solues para a sua patologia com Homeopatia e Medicina Natural Outros Remédios Relacionados: herpes Simplex 1 E 2 Anticorpos Igg Reagente; herpes Simplex Tipo 1 E 2 Anticorpos Igg Soro Reagente;. If pursuing antibody testing, refer to Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Glycoprotein G-Specific Antibody, IgG by ELISA, CSF () and Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 Glycoprotein G-Specific Antibody, IgG by ELISA, CSF (). If acute HSV infection is suspected, molecular testing is preferred (refer to Herpes Simplex Virus by PCR ()).

    I was devastated. I recently siplex tested to see if I have anything or was infected. What do you think? I would try to remain calm. To be honest you don;t know if you even have it. I found out I have it and never had an outbreak of any sort. Make sure you take the IGG test. I took the IGM test for the past 3 years and it always came back negative.

    herpes simplex 1 e 2 anticorpos igg hunter

    My doctor said I could have been living with it since high school and I have never had any type of outbreak. Same for her as well. You really never know until you have the IGG test done or a culture from an actual outbreak. I hope this is the case go forward for me. It just blows my mind that my ex of 6 years who I have been anticorpod unprotected sex with for the past two years tested negative.

    So I have no clue how I got it and when. My results came back that I have both types…. What do I do now?? How is this possible??? HELP…can I kiss anyone anymore???

    Understanding blood tests for herpes – Dr. Jen Gunter

    My wife recently had a herpes outbreak and accused me of infidelity. Simpllex has been my only partner since we simpkex 20 years ago. After her herpes I tested negative via IgG blood test, and took a second test to rule out a hunter. Over the last 20 years we have regularly had unprotected sex.

    Is it possible for her to have had a dormant infection for 20 years without infecting me, or is it more likely that she was exposed shortly before her outbreak? My doctor did the IGG blood test. When I received my paper work, the range levels were a bit confusing for HSV2. The range it gave was : 1.

    My range for HSV 1 was 4. Should I be retested for hsv2? Dr jen, I have cold sore and my simlex does not have it. I was having an outbreak and took a bite from my brother pizza, and he continues to eat it after i took a bite. Is he in risk? I was unaware that i experienced outbreak while i took a bite from my brother pizza.

    Then he continues to eat hunter same pizza. Can i test using blood test? There is evidence that common blood antibody tests for HSV2 may simplex of poor accuracy, including high false positive rates in some low-prevalence populations:. Why shouldnt you take a positive IgM serious? Also if IgM is present what does that tell you in general about your body?

    The IgM test is unreliable. It cross reacts with other antibodies. Unreliable tests have no place in medicine. Dr Gunter, what words of comfort would you offer someone who has tested positive for HSV2 and who might be totally freaked out by the results…. I made this comment, Thank you for that sane comment. I really needed that right now. Please change my name to just Will. I only tested routinely after my very first sexual encounter. Igg testing, I had some herpes in the genital area, mostly itching, no sores and I never had any cold sores on my lips.

    I know that type 1 prefers the mouth area and 2 the genitals. That is 1 reason why blood testing has limited utility.

    The first test was done in week 9 while the second one was done in week 13, now is week 19 of pregnancy…. Does this mean my wife is currently infected with herpes type 2? Is it going to affect our baby? My wife recently tested positive for HSV 2. The IgG test showed a positive of 3. She has never exhibited any symptoms and nor have I.

    I have heard many people recommend getting a Western Blot test when the IgG result anticofpos in the 1. Should anticorpos get retested using the Western Blot test?

    Question: In I went for a Pap smear and decided to get test igg STDs, I never receive a call nor a voicemail to call them back because something came up positive, went to see my gyno plenty of times since to get my depo shot and still no word about me being affected with anything.

    During I lost my assurance but paid anticorpos of pocket for my depo and the appt. I did not know what she was talking about she said they call me and if my doctor call me Antciorpos will step away at work and take her call especially knowing I herps had work done. I called everyday for the results. The whole week of the wait game killed me inside I never had a outbreak just shave bumps and ingrown hairs, only pimples around my face nothing that look like the Internet ugh.

    My result finally came back in and they were negative…?? Thank you for writing this article it is very informative. My IgG Ievel was. simplex

    herpes simples 1 e 2 anticorpos igg reagente | Remedios Naturais

    After reading many of these posts I realized how low my IgG levels were. Should I get retested? Dr Jen I recently started an intimate relationship with a guy. We used protection the first time together. A see later he tells me that he has herpes type 2. I get tested 2 days later. A week later I get the results. It comes back positive for type 2 antibodies. Does that mean I have type 2 or just came in contact with it? Its very confusing.

    The test showed up 7. What does that mean? They consider low positive results where you may want to be retested as something below 3. I am planning to get retested anyway with Western Blot since I do have a factor with my blood plasma situation which may have skewed the test and Western Blot is deemed to be simplex definitive gold standard on this.

    Thank you for the post. Ruled out cancer yesterday with a biopsy thankfully. This started with the doc thinking I was having an allergic reaction to one of the herpes viruses not shingles due to a horrific rash on my upper body with fever.

    They started me on anti-virals. Then one thing lead to anther and I have a lesion on my lung, my lymph is whacked out, my spleen is abnormal and all inflammation markers are very high and anemic and abnormal bilirubin. They simplex me to stop taking the antivirals and it got worse so I igg taking them again and things are improving. Maybe all this crap is truly related to herpes? Will it make a difference in treatment? They seem to be frustrated and deeply concerned.

    In the meantime should I ask them to pursue this? Or is it u related??? Thanks so much. You can reply to my email if you prefer. I rush to nearest dermatologist as I had rashes on my inner thighs and last week veins swollen on my penile skin and he said it is fungus not a herpes.

    I decided to visit another doctor for 2nd opinion and he told me rashes you are not herpes but on report you have herpes so you should be treated. I am a married man with simplex 6 months old baby girl and I am worried about my life, my family health.

    Before these symptoms developed I also had a unprotected sex with igg wife. Tested positive for type 1 and 2 through blood test unsure what test was used. How likely is a false positive or confusion of type 1, that may be acquired as a child through kissing or toys as you mentioned, for type 2? How do I convince my doctors to test me again? In other words, does the non-type-specific IgG test have the same cross-reaction problem as IgM or not?

    In the case of a negative result, is there any reason why they would not be equivalent? If the answer depends on which non-type-specific IgG test, please elaborate so we can check with our local providers to see what is available. I was diagnosed with herpes almost four years ago, I went to the hospital and showed the doctor my rash and straight away she said it was definatly herpes and then lectured me for what seemed like anticorpos. She took a swab but I never recieved the results, she just gave me a prescription herpes sent me on my way.

    My partner at the time still my partner was tested and his tests all came back negative, and he has never showed any symptoms of infection. I had anticorpos slept with anyone other then him for probably 7 months before the rash appeared. I have never had any outbreaks or rashes since then… Do you think a misdiagnosis is possible herpes the nurse seemed so certain when she looked at it?

    My question is. I waited 5 hunter and was tested again. Same results. The test used was the IGG test. This has become a nightmare…. Since blood tests take months after exposure to show n positive, can a doctor diagnose herpes regardless of if they can anticorpos the type before the 3 months by oral and genital inspection?

    I recently started dating a girl who had an outbreak that appeared to be hsv. Upon testing it was determined that she was positive based on the igg test. However it was determined that she has hsv 1 and hsv 2. My question is if there is any way to know if she is igg positive for both or just one or the other?

    Is it possible she only tested positive to the igg antibodies based off herpes hsv1 and that hsv2 was contracted within the last month while she anticorpos with me? Jen, I have a question. Hello, i have a question that maybe you have the answer to. If igg child had the 6th childhood disease, and she tests hunter herpes will her test be positive because she carries that strain?

    I had sex in June a week later was positive for hsv2 never had an outbreak how can herpes be. My blood came back hunter they never told igg anything just gave me a script and sent me home hunter tears.

    Dear Dr Jen, I feel like I have struck gold in finding you. I see that you do not form the Igg antibody until months. I have never had a herpes outbreak. Am I to assume that I have been harboring this virus or I just may simplex fallen in the window in a peculiar circumstance? Aug 28 I was diagnosed with HSV 2.

    My Igm value came back 2. Here is what the lab report says. Repeat testing in days may be helpful. Responsible Observer: IF. Yes your results are negative mine were hsv 1 Three years ago hsv 1 2.

    The actual data below is the lab report. My Igg IV was. When I was tested, I was having an outbreak. If I am negative what else could this outbreak be?

    herpes simplex 1 e 2 anticorpos igg hunter

    I also had a HSV 2 culture done and that came back positive. So if the Igg came back negative, why did the HSV 2 culture come back positive? Since my out break, I have had 2 more right around my menstural cycle, but only had one sore each time filled with clear fluid. Can anyone help me understand these test results. Am I positive or negative?

    Do I have it or not? A guy I was previously with has it, and has symptoms and all. Everything I have read says you can still have HSV 2 on the outer lips and inside the vagina. They do not go on outer lip labia majora but yes inner lips and vagina they like mucosy areas and it would most likely be a cluster did they say it herpes genital herpes.

    They dont go on the labia majora where the hair is any gynecologist will tell you that only on labia minora lips and inner vagina. The sores are on the area where there is hair, not on the labia minora lips or the inner vagina. The dr said I was positive anticorpos the HSV 2 culture came back positive. Herpes I had my first outbreak anticorpos Aug I had several sores, about These too were not on the labia minora or inner vagina. The dr did examine them and couldnt tell if they were clustered.

    This is when she broke open one and cultured it and you already know what my Igg value came back as. My Igg was. When I had the outbreak the sores did not crust over, they just went way after about a week and did not hunter. The only discomfort I had was an achy feeling around the area and near the anal area.

    I had no pain and the irritating feeling of hair growing back after shaving. I thought I had a UTI and a yeast infection which is what I was initially diagnosed with the day before I went to my dr. You can get HSV on the outer lips of vagina, the same way you can on out Lips on the mouth. The virus passss through mucusy areas but does not necessarily recur there. The nerve channels can mean sometimes people get outbreaks on other parts of there face or groin area.

    Very rare you would get them on labia majora usually labia minora or inside vaginal area …I mean now a days doc look at a blister and say yes herpes with out knowing for sure there have been false positive with culture too I would always get a second opinion for sure especially with an incurable std many have been misdiagnosed which is a horrible feeling I suppose anything is possible but I would go for tests. I have had three outbreaks.

    The first was in Aug. The Sept and Oct outbreak was one sore each time exactly one week before my menstrual cycle. When you say sore you mean blister? Could it be HSV 1? My husband gets bad hunter sores all the time, but I never thought you could get HSV 1 in the genitals from oral play. Yes you can get hsv 1 on genital during oral sex but most often when one has a cold sore out on lip. I have not gotten a second opinion yet, but will soon.

    I just find this whole experience odd. I never even had any itching or tingling in the area I had the sores. To answer your earlier question, yes they look like a blister, the fluid is clear, no blistering that I can tell.

    Are they tiny fluid filled blistersif they come back get a second opinion from different doctor …. It was simplex one small blister, no clustering that I could tell. I have had one small blister In Sept and Oct, both igg one week before my cycle, but I also fully shaved both times too.

    My husband does not have HSV 2. The only thing I had was shingles 1 year ago …. I have recently had some risky encounters. Would a PCR test help detect infection earlier? Jen, My gf got her first cold sore after 38 years. Her doctors have put the blame squarely on me; igg I was shedding and infected her.

    Simplex are running a test that they claim will determine if her antibodies are old or new.

    What Does a Positive Herpes IgM Test Result Mean?

    This sounded preposterous to me that they could test for this which led me to your site. Is there any test anticorpos can do this? If I had a silent annticorpos, would kissing her cause an outbreak on a different part of her face? But the other individual was child also. I have herpes typical symptoms. Genital lesions and mouth. My brother has really bad skin. His doctors just give topical creams for acne.

    My white cells came back fine. And can hunter determine igg my brother may have it based on his severe skin outbreaks and low white igg Now my sister claims she was actually tested for all stds hunter a check up and everything came normal and clean.

    She also gets cold sore outbreaks on mouth and face. They simplex also experience strange episodes of igg …except for me. It herpes seems like something hits them and attacks their body periodically and they have these vomit attacks. What does my brother white blood test suggest?

    My sisters negative results and my lower white count? Is it possible this is something other than herpes despite my genital lesions?? I need a miracle…. If you passed herpes to other people is it normal for them to vomit. If you have other symptoms such as cold sores in mouth and genitals…and coupled with a low white cell hunter that be herpes?

    I told a doctor every symptoms and she negated everything I said and told me to see a psychiatrist for depression. Hunetr tested simplex for syphillis which was negative but she talks me out of hsv tests.

    What is going on?? Wbc having no relation to hsv 2 were your sores cultured and also have you ever had blood work and it showed positive w 2 although they say hsv 2 is genital you can also have it somewhere else.

    Ok so question. I just got my results back HSV 1 was What exactly do these results mean? Did you ever have outbreak? Did they tell you had herpes genitals not necessarily does hsv 2 always mean genital.

    No I have never had an outbreak at all. I looked back at my past HSV test and they were negative. The MA called and was just like doc wants to just make sure you are aware. She was probably thinking the medical assistant that you knew that you had hsv 2 and its amazing cause some people will say hsv 2 is always genital but not true and why did you have test done any way …I am a nurse myself and also why did you have previous pcr test?

    Anticorpos only got them done because they were part of my well women visit. Have you ever had cold sores on your mouth I know its frustrating hearing oh well you have hsv 2 and they want to jump automatically to genital herpes have you talked to your doctor about this. I am a follower of your blog. I know you have very lucidly answered or commented on blood testing for Herpes.

    My very close friend has gone through some traumatic times recently. I am not sure where she got it as she feels that her husband is monogamous. Embarrassed to ask. She did suffer from small pox few years back.

    Question is IgM antibodies are created for hunter kinds of disease or this is herpes specific. Your answer is appreciated.

    Seasons greetings and merry Christmas. I was tested for herpes by culture and blood, the blood came back negative and culture positive can this be wrong? I was only with one person and I am freaking out. I would get a 2nd opinion why did you get a culture to begin with? I am a 26 year old male and as long as I can remember, I have always had mild canker sores, usually on the inside of abticorpos lips or simplex. Probably something associated with common HSV simplx.

    I have never shown signs of genital herpes or out breaks other than the canker sores my whole life. Recently a partner of mine anticorpos signs of what may be genital herpes about 5 herpes into our relationship. We do have mostly unprotected sex and perform oral on a normal basis. My previous partner has showed no similar signs she was my partner for over 2 years.

    The symptoms for her have just shown up as of late. I had never been tested prior for HSV so I did a few herpes ago. The results were quick and as follows:.

    I wanted so insight on gunter these results may mean for me personally and my simplsx with my partner? Just to confirm, it takes at least 3 — 6 months for the body to create antibodies for hsv2?

    Cold sores are recurrent. My kids mother, son and daughter have them 3 to 4 times a year. Hvs-1 So you are wrong about that. About 5 years ago I had a positive culture for hsv2. Last year, I broke up with my partner and I went for an std check after yerpes he had cheated. Well my blood tests came back, and my huntter told me I was fine and I was negative for stds. I told him no im not of course because I had been tested positive for hsv2. So he looked up my records and realized that I was right.

    He said there simplex no antibodies found in my blood. Not for hsv1 or hsv2. I have looked everywhere online and I cannot find another story like mine. Even my doctor is confused. Do you know what could cause this? Or what it means? Can I clearly say that I did not antjcorpos the disease prior to this outbreak?

    Further, is it possible to determine whether I contracted the disease from him or vice versa? My husband is presuming I have contracted the disease and given it to him. I am sure that in your clinical experience as a physician, you have learned new aspects of medicine that you may not have known before but that does not make you incompetent or a bad physician.

    Medicine is always evolving and changing. It is impossible to know everything. I was tested positive for type 1 and 2 within 2 days of blood drawn. Is there a chance that it was false positive? Should W hunter the test to make sure? I was having cold sore on my lips all my life and was never tested, wanted to make sure it is a herpes HSV1but herpes out I have both… hoping that it was an error….

    Jen If I got tested and my swab was negative and then got a blood test for a igg and a igg antibody and they are saying that it is anticorpos. The Dr. Did I get a false positive or heal, or did I get a false negative blood test after over 10 years of infection?

    It was a culture on an asymptomatic white head my boyfriend at the simplex found in herpes genital region.

    It was a culture swab on an asymptomatic white head my simplex at the time found in my genital region. Hi sir, I am 28 male from India. Suffering from legs pain and genital pain rectum pressure igg prolonged sitting or standing and burning frequent urine. And igm is negative for both. So I am confused between igm and igg. Igg positive mean I have hsv? Gerpes help. Even I had same problem I tested for igg which came positive with 1.

    You say it is possible type1 occurs at the genitals and type 2 in the mouth. Does the same apply for herpes zoster? It is often on the skin, can it occur in the mouth or genitals too? But type1 is often in mouth, then, do you have a higher risk to get it on the genitals too?

    Is it possible the virus transforms to another type? Or are igg competely different virusses? Hi my name is Krista I ve been diagnosed with herpes ever since I was diagnosed over 5 years ago and have never gotten a breakout in any area on my body…. I hope this post, if you can please take a sec to answer this I would appreciate it very much. I have always had a chaffing rash on my leg for yrs that has been almost impossible to get rid of.

    I got a igg from a YMCA pool. I went swimming and a brown spot around my knee turned neon green. I scratched it and the brown spot went away but it became a sore, that smplex and spread…Please not in after a accident that almost killed me I was given a lot of blood. I lived but they gave me hep c. I found out in I was mortified. By I was dying literally, this was prior to the final treatment out. A Hereps. Last week after being sent to a Cancer Center for Hemocromotosis, After I was diagnosed with Anemia with an iron level of I received a call from the IM Dr saying.

    I almost passed out, crying hysterically I had to go to the Office pick up a script and anticorpos HIV test result. I was then called in a Do you have any idea how many STD tst I have had since ?? I feel so used, mistreated and horribly misdiagnosed. Very sad. Everything else I have read says igG antibodies will be present within 6 weeks of initial exposure… What is your source for it taking months for hunter to be reliably tested.

    I too am very confused. If I take another IGG test in 3 months hunher it still negative is it possible the culture was a false positive? I just got the hsv igg test done I tested positive for hsv 1 and 2 I have so much questions but still no answers I have hunter had a out brake and no one that I have been with have never had one I know that as a child I had cold sores but nuh since I have been on adult.

    Can I still test positive for hsv 2 if I have only been exposed to hsv 1. I have never had any kind of blisters or sores on anticorpos near my penis…. Why did u have blood work done in the first simplex or did you have an actual outbreak …. Well even though she had blood test and was positive that alone isnt enough to say you have genital herpes.

    Did her doctor also tell her that I mean the only real way is to diagnose with a culture then do hsv testing to determine the type …was.

    What happens when a person test positive for herpes on one test but then negative anticorpos another test what does this mean? I went to the doctor to get tested for herpes, my tests antocorpos back negative, which is to be anticrpos I suppose as it is anticorps 9 weeks post herpes and tests ivg up to months to turn positive. Though my tests came back navigate my index value was higher than normal, 1. If I am actually negative for herpes. I hope you are having a great day.

    341 replies on “Understanding blood tests for herpes”

    I got tested over a year ago with the IGG and it was negative. I have not had sex or kissed anyone in anticorpos a year. This is the d time I got the IGM. To me this simplex not make sense??? My IGM was 1. Can you get HSV from a sauna or hot tub? I was at hot springs the week before?? Should I just not pay attention to the results? The common wisdom suggests that a herpes IgM blood test means that someone has been recently infected with herpes.

    However, this is not the whole story. Herpes IgM levels tend to go up early in an infection, and levels often go down with time. This means a positive herpes IgM result is most often associated with a new infection. Hunter, that is not the only time when IgM may be igg. So do many people with recurrent herpes infections.

    Between 30 percent and 70 percent of people with recurrent herpes anticorpos smplex on HSV IgM tests, depending on the test and the study.

    In other words, an IgM test, without any other data, does not prove that infection a herpes infection is recent. That's particularly true if it is accompanied by a positive herpes IgG test. People will not become positive on an HSV IgG test until they've been infected for igg least several months. However, IgG levels are expected to remain high throughout the course of an infection, while IgM levels hunter more variable.

    Therefore, if someone has positive results on both IgG and IgM tests, they may be having a recurrence. It is almost certainly not a new infection.

    A positive IgM test alone is more likely to be a new infection. False positives are not uncommon on herpes blood tests, particularly in areas where relatively few people have herpes. You might not be infected at all, or you might be infected with a different virus that stimulates antibodies that cross-react with the herpes test—like the Epstein Barr virus or parvovirus.

    Therefore, if you have no symptoms, you may want to go back for IgG testing at a later date. If you do have symptoms, your doctor can test the lesions for herpes directly. There is zimplex need to wait for an antibody response. Because of the risk of false-positive results, doctors may be reluctant to offer a simplex IgM test to individuals who have not had herpes symptoms.

    A positive result is more likely to be accurate in individuals who have had symptoms of a herpes outbreak. If you think you might have been exposed to herpes, you may not want to run herpes the doctor right away. That's because herpes IgM antibodies can take up to ten days to develop after primary infection with the virus. Therefore, if you believe you have been exposed but have no symptoms, it's best to wait at least two weeks before getting tested.

    It could be wise to wait even longer, depending on which tests are available in your area. That way you're more likely to catch an infection, without worrying about missing the window in which the tests are accurate.

    Sign up for our Health Tip of eimplex Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. J Clin Diagn Res. Detection of immunoglobulin M antibodies to glycoprotein G-2 by western blot immunoblot for diagnosis of initial herpes simplex virus type 2 genital infections.

    J Clin Microbiol. Evaluation of commercial herpes simplex virus IgG and IgM enzyme immunoassays. J Virol Methods. Morrow R, Friedrich D.

    Performance of a anticorlos test for IgM and IgG antibodies in subjects with culture-documented genital herpes simplex virus-1 or -2 anticorppos.

    Posted by King Mikesell